Donavan Group Services Offered

We collaborate directly with our clients in seeking unbiased solutions to their biggest and most difficult problems. Our company offers services which merge investment experience with strategic expertise and sound fundamentals to achieve potential returns.

  • Consulting Services.


    We help companies pinpoint potential investment options and anticipate hazards along the way to delivering value to our clientele. Specifically, we provide business strategy planning advice and management guidance to build their wealth from the bottom up, if necessary. With our many years of actual experience and investment knowhow, Donavan Group can assure our clients’ financial future.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions Services.

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    We also provide M&A services, particularly in implementing a merger-&-acquisition, confidential sale and value assessment of small to medium-sized private firms. Donavan Group delivers high-level consultancy services often exclusively provided only to much bigger firms. Hence, whether you are selling or buying, our primary role is to help our clients build, improve or protect their wealth.

  • Additional Services.

    Additional Services

    Likewise, we serve our clients through additional support in consulting and M&A tasks, including business and chattel appraisal, business real estate consultancy and worker salary-and-benefits packages.

About Us

“Simple but genuinely effective, our expert advisor’s customized financial advice is designed to achieve your needs, objectives and aspirations.”

“When you work with the best, you set up the efficient framework and strategy in place right at the start – assuring you of reaching your financial objectives and establishing your financial security.”

“The Donavan Experience offers a complete and tailor-made wealth-building consultancy service which is both beneficial enough to satisfy your needs and versatile enough to provide many potential options based on well-educated advice and insights.”

“Donovan Advisory focuses on offering a comprehensive client service founded on attaining significantly satisfying returns through a sound organization and methodical approach. Above all, we aim to safeguard your current financial well-being.”

“Building wealth begins with securing your well-being and that of your family and your business.”